About Me

My name is Ganesh Pagade, living in Berlin, Germany. I work at Zalando as an Engineering Manager.

I’ve studied at ISSC (Computer Science Masters) and Symbiosis (Executive MBA).

I’m a freelance technical blog writer mainly covering advance topics in Java and Spring. Here’s my profile as an author at Baeldung which is a technical site focused on the Java ecosystem, with a reach of about 2.5M page views per month.

I’ve taught graduate and post graduate computer science courses.

I’ve worked as a freelance software developer.

Besides in respect and admiration, to the spirit that lives in the computer, I enjoy reading about working of human brain.

rockoder - I did some online freelance coding while in college. This is the account name you come up with when listening too much music and writing too much code. Pronounced as rock-coder.